throw your dog a bone:

quieting the critic, waking the dreamer

What if you could distract your inner critic from dissing and dogging your dreams? How would it feel to give yourself a respite from the needling negativity?
Coming Out of Quarantine 
Now that the world is opening up again, what long-held dreams might you dust off:

  • swim with the dolphins in Maui

  • move to Paris for a year with your partner to reignite the magic

  • invest in the future: stop renting and buy the home of your dreams

  • start painting with watercolors in retirement

  • take a Caribbean cooking class and learn how to make Jamaican Jerk Chicken

  • learn to windsurf in Hood River, Oregon

  • join Toastmasters so you can give an amazing toast at your niece’s wedding this summer

  • buy a second-hand RV and drive cross county via the Blue Highways


What We’ll Do
First, I will guide you through a process of generating your list of big dreams. Then, through a series of engaging and focused writing exercises, you will quickly drop into an expanded and creative mindset. The writing, in essence, is the bone you will throw your inner critic. The writing keeps the critic busy while, unconsciously, your more undaunted self does the deeper work of clearing the way to envisioning a more fulfilled and purposeful life.

The writing is the gateway that will ultimately allow you to:

  • Intuitively create from the moment

  • Experiment with free association

  • Write from the senses and the magic of memory

  • Access new rhythms, logics and boldnesses

  • Discover what you didn’t know you knew by throwing the door to your intuition and imagination wide open


What You’ll Get
Humming with the sense of your own innate potency and potential elicited by the spontaneity of the writing exercises, you will then return to your dream list. Channeling your newfound clarity and creativity you will envision an action plan for one of your dreams. You will leave the workshop having written pieces you’re proud of that sing as well as, and most importantly, a dream-plan you can easily implement.

Who Is this Workshop For?
This workshop is for anyone who is interested in creating the conditions for self-astonishment and creative breakthroughs, and for those who have a wish for living life's bigger dreams. It is time to move from criticism to catharsis. Are you ready to throw your dog a bone?
THROW YOUR DOG A BONE will be a monthly workshop, beginning Sunday, August 15, from 1-5pm PST on Zoom. Still in beta form, the fee, for a limited time only, is $45. If you have financial constraints, offer what you can; no one will be turned away. Seating is limited to twelve, so act fast. To register and for more information, contact me at

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