from frayed to Free

Creativity and Comfort in the Time of Crisis

Your sense of security is not what it used to be, right? Nothing is. We are all living well outside our comfort zones while sheltering inside and in place. Life’s turned into the oddest of oxymorons.


Perhaps the vaccine we need right now can be found in these lines of the sage poet, Mary Oliver:

"You only have to let the soft animal of your body

love what it loves."

If you are craving to reconnect with the soft, soulful part of yourself during these tender times, then please accept my gift of a free coaching consult. In the 60 min. session, entitled, FROM FRAYED TO FREE, we will explore:


  • What dormant projects you can rekindle and complete 

  • What long-held yearnings can you begin to shape and activate

  • What practices can you cultivate to ground and sustain you

  • Exciting details about my From Blank to Breakthrough program that will help you to move swiftly through the barriers that keep you from creating, from living your life as a masterpiece of your own making

My hope is that you will leave our time together not only firmly rooted in your muse but intimately re-acquainted with what it means to love what you love without restraint - without feeling frayed or afraid. Love knows nothing of quarantines.